Building a country that’s great to
live and work in

Agency for strategic

ASI is an agent of change working with leaders on large-scale initiatives and uniting the forces of society, business and state.
billion invested
in supported projects
new production
facilities launched
private companies
rank in World Bank’s
Doing Business ranking


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The mission of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) is to create opportunities for the personal fulfilment of ambitious leaders who are able to propel Russia to an advanced global position and build a country where one wants to reside and work.


Basic principles of procurement

  1. Transparency when interacting with suppliers. It is implemented, among other things, through the use of open competitive procedures as a priority form of procurement, as well as through the establishment of equal competitive opportunities for suppliers of goods, services and other objects of civil rights.
  2. Equality, justice, non-discrimination and absence of unjustified restrictions on competition in relation to the procurement participants.
  3. Target-oriented and cost-efficient utilization of funds for the purchase of goods, works and services, other objects of civil rights.
  4. No limitation for admission to the purchase by establishing non-measurable requirements for the procurement participants.
  5. Compliance with the interests of the Agency is the basis of relationships with suppliers. It is implemented, among other things, through the establishment of sound procurement documentation requirements for suppliers and also for the goods to be purchased; suppliers shall provide proof of compliance with the requirements set.

ASI Initiatives

Библиотека умных решений «Смартека»
100 лидеров развития технологий
100 лидеров развития городов
Цифровые решения для регионов
Платформа НТИ
Платформа LEADER-ID
Цифровая платформа для обращения предпринимателей
100 лидеров развития социальной сферы
100 лидеров развития новых подходов в образовании
Точки кипения.
Новые возможности в социальной сфере
Local-ID (территориальная идентичность)
Клуб волонтеров
Национальный рейтинг


Moskvina Svetlana
Secretary of the procurement committee
+7 (495) 690-91-29, ext. 138